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Everyone that's been to a ramen shop has most likely had a few pieces of gyoza. Gyoza is a Japanese pork-filled dumpling thats lightly steamed and then pan-fried. The end result is a soft and juicy dumpling with a perfectly crispy bottom.

The biggest thing about Japan is their love for food. With small restaurants sandwiched together one after another, its quite difficult to pick a place.

One afternoon, we were looking for something small yet not too filling since we wanted to try out some of the street food that Yokohama had to offer.

My wife suggested a gyoza bar not too far from her parent's house. I said to myself, "Gyoza bar? Is that a thing?", Soon to find out, there are hundreds of gyoza bars located all over Japan.  We sat down and it was easy to see that this idea will definitely work back home. Looking in, you have two cooks sitting centered in the restaurant behind four customized gyoza grills that are sealed away by glass panels. The glass panels allows patrons to peek in to see the cooking process which I thought adds a great touch to the dining experience. 

Coming back to Oahu, it was depressing not to find even one gyoza bar available. We would then invite friends over for gyoza night. With the push from friends and endless taste testings, we decided that we were going to be the ones that will be introducing gyoza to Oahu. 

Welcome to: GYOZILLA.




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