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Descended from China and made popular by Japanese ramen shops, Gyoza has been a part of the asian culture for thousands of years.

Our love affair with Gyoza began on the streets of Yokohama. Shop after shop, stand after stand, culinary delight after culinary delight. We tried them all. What stood out most was the Gyoza bar! It allowed for a feast of the senses as we watched skilled gyoza makers pinch close, pan fry and immediately serve these little pockets of flavor heaven.

Enamored and determined to bring this experience back to the United States, we returned home and immediately got to work. Stuffing. Folding. Pinching. Frying. Serving. Taste testing anyone willing to try and collecting their feedback. Until one day it happened. The flavors and textures that defined the asian culture. That epitomized our quest for bringing one of the greatest bite sized food offerings in the world to you.

And that’s how GYOZILLA was created!

We make different variations of Yaki Gyoza (pan fried). Because of Hawaii’s diverse ethnic make up and ever evolving cultural pallet, we encapsulate the flavors which caught our attention in Yokohama and add to that by introducing ingredients that our predecessors didn’t dare to. 

We invite you to come and try for yourself.

See why Gyozilla is the taste that you’ve been looking for!


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